Ed Lloyd and AssociatesMost of the business owners thrive on DIY mentality. Do it Yourself unless you really have the requirement of hiring someone who can perform the duties meticulously for you. It is a good idea to adopt DIY efforts as it can help you save on several hundred dollars. But the reverse can also happen if you are unable to perform the job responsibilities proficiently. Accounting, bookkeeping and tax planning are the important aspects of any business. It is essential for you to update your accounts and maintain books in a timely manner as failing to do so can make you face heavy losses. Read More →

The one problem most business owners seem to be facing today is that of knowing their company’s right worth. This is a time consuming task which is why either small businesses don’t make the effort or expect their firm’s appointed accountant to take care of everything. But that’s not how it works. Whether it’s about selling your business, merging with a new one, working on bank loans or luring in investors, there’s a lot that goes into assessing the value of what you do. Helping you determine the market value of your business, Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC share some advice: Read More →