Ed Lloyd and Associates PLLC believe that preparing for the tax payment is the final step in a company’s annual work and they help the companies in this crucial endeavor by helping them to minimize the money paid on taxes and maximizing the gain and benefits of the organization.

Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC provide a wide range of tax services to their clients which include:


  • Strategic Tax Planning

They prepare a strategic tax plan that aims at reducing the amount that a client needs to pay as tax. They help their clients to implement these plans and make sure that the clients claim all the deductions that they are eligible for. They help the clients to do so by:

  1. Helping the client to organize the business such that there is provision for the protection of assets, reduction of taxes and reduction of the risks in the audit.
  2. Documenting all the deductions that a client is eligible for.
  3. Explaining the correct benefit plans for the client and his employees.
  4. Educating the client about the tax deductions that he is eligible for under the tax code of the country.
  • Accounting Services -

Ed Lloyd & Associates, PLLC provide their clients with a variety of accounting services to make sure that there is a high level of accuracy in their records. They help their clients to prepare the projections necessary for taxation which ensures that the tax payments that have been estimated for the client are correct. Accounting services include:

  1. Financial Statements on a monthly and quarterly basis
  2. Assistance in auditing, compiling and managing financial statements
  3. Developing an accounting system
  4. Assistance in bookkeeping and training
  • Financial Performance Review

Another important service that is provided by Ed Lloyd & Associates is preparing a report known as the financial performance review which helps the clients to understand the way their business has performed and about its progress.

  • Tax Returns -

Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC also help their clients, be it business organizations or individuals, in preparing tax return documents.

Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC provide very efficient tax services to their clients.

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